Legendary Cornbread Crew

 The Legendary Cornbread Crew, better known as Cornbread, originated in Trenton, NJ in 2016. The band consists of 7 teenagers who attend(ed) Trenton Central High School and participate in Trenton Central High School Orchestra under the direction of Joseph Pucciatti. Founding members; Khadir Armstrong (vocals), Davontae Leak (drums), Cesar Gonzalez (saxophone), Alphonso Jones II […]

Capital Philharmonic

The Capital Philharmonic is a classical orchestra formed in September, 2013 by musicians from the Greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra. performing under the direction of conductor Daniel Spalding. The Trenton War Memorial is their performance home. Their performances have featured a range of popular guest artists including Sarah Dash. 2014  WHYY Friday Arts interview and performance […]

Trenton Children’s Chorus

From the organization’s website: Trenton Children’s Chorus is an award-winning non profit organization providing exceptional musical, academic, social, and personal opportunities for young people in the Greater Trenton Area. Founded in 1989 as an outreach project of Nassau Presbyterian Church by Sue Ellen Page and Marcia Wood, TCC began as an entirely volunteer-run organization with 11 children in its […]


Bavarski is a polka band that includes Trenton rocker Ernie White.   Band website


Wind was a 70s rock band that included Trenton musicians Ernie White, Sam Masiello, Jeff Guenther, and Ed Karwatske. Image credit: Tom Krawiec

Alpha Rabbit

From their Facebook page Alpha Rabbit is irresolute yet unwavering. Alternate parts punk, pop, dance, folk, party, serious, and bullshit. Like a zen koan. But not pretentious.

Honah Lee

Honah Lee is a Trenton-based punk ensemble formed in 2008. From their website: Hailing from Trenton, NJ, Honah Lee was formed in 2008 by a group of hardworking musicians native to the area. The four boys of Honah Lee – singer/guitarist Tim, bassist Jim, lead guitarist Dim, and drummer Tony G – specialize in catchy, melodic, […]

Fletcher’s Minstrels

Fletcher’s Minstrels was a popular ensemble that played many regional venues in the late 19th and early 20th century, according to the Trenton Historical Society. While the documentary record on this group is thin, there are photographs of two of the members:  banjo player Annie Waldron and William Fletcher, who is referred to as a banjo […]

The Maximizer Camp

From Louinel Jean: The “Maximizer Camp” was established in Trenton in the fall of 2015 by singer/ songwriter Louinel Jean, a graduate student of The College of New Jersey in collaboration with Electrical Engineering student Christopher Hingston Tenev. After a recording session on campus the two started jamming at Tenev’s home studio which culminated in […]