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Minstrel shows

Minstrel shows are a fraught topic in the history of American musical theater, American race relations, and Trenton’s music history. In his book, Quest for Equality: Trenton’s Black Community, 1890-1965,  historian Jack Washington wrote that the black community was pained by the popularity of blackface minstrelsy : The 1890s saw a renaissance in minstrel companies across […]

Tom Krawiec

Tom Krawiec has spent decades collecting photos and stories about Trenton’s rock-and-roll era. He created the original Trenton Makes Music (since discontinued)  site and still has a Facebook page under that name.  He also curated this selection of vintage rock songs by Trenton artists, as well as this YouTube channel:

Books and resources about Trenton History

Books, scholarly articles, websites   Books Finkle, Arthur. Trenton’s Jews: Beginning, Adaptation and Achieving the American Dream, Amazon. February 19, 2016 Trenton Jewish Historical Society blog North Jersey Jewish News interview Washington, Jack. (All books can be purchased from the Author’s website.) In Search of A Community’s Past: The Black Community in Trenton, New Jersey, 1860-1900. […]