Roy Richardson is a vocalist, saxophonist and flautist whose work ranges from jazz to R&B, Gospel and musical theater.

From the artist’s bio:

“Roy started playing flute at the age of 9. He performed in his first talent show when he was 14 and at that point was addicted to music.   The next year in high school his band director Tom Passerella recognized Roy’s obvious talent and started him on the saxophone. Roy took to the sax like a fish to water.  Tommy Gryce was the associate band director and an incredible saxophonist in his own right (the brother of Jazz legend Gi Gi Gryce), decided that Roy had the goods and took him under his wing. This is where Roy learned about America’s first true art form, Jazz.  By the end of his first high school year this multi.instrumentalist had already developed a reputation as someone who could play anything he touched (bass, piano, drums, etc.).  After high school he studied music at Mercer County Community College but got his real education by sitting in at every jam session he could get to. This was a chance for him to develop sense of individual expression….”

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