An article in the December 2008 Trenton Downtowner describes The Cryptkeeper Five’s sound as a combination of “punk, hard rock, rockabilly and indie music.”  Formed in Trenton in 1997, their lineup has changed extensively over the years. According to wikipedia, their membership roster is as follows:

Current members

Johnny Ott (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Ray (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mikey Groch (bass, backing vocals), “Amazing Amy” Matlack (piano/organ, viola, guitar, backing vocals) Brian Mazzarini (drums) , D.T. Graves (drums, backing vocals) & Sean Glonek (engineer)

Past members

Nicky Arabatzis (piano/organ), Ceilidh “Blue” Madigan (saxophone, backing vocals), Scotty Engel (guitar, backing vocals), Jack Arnone (bass), J. West (bass, backing vocals), Tristan Bowan (drums), Joey “Diablo” Waladkewics (guitar, backing vocals), Mike “Buzzy” D’Elia (bass, drums, backing vocals), Frankie Danger (bass), Ed Pratico (bass, backing vocals), Steven Furyk (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Herbert (bass), Petey Vul (drums), Matt Noonan (drums), Rob Hunsicker (drums), Andrew Chupik (bass)

The band has three albums, along with two singles and a compilation disc. (See the link for the band discography, below. In addition, their music was used for the movie Welcome to Dreadville II: Red in Dreadville, according to Wikipedia.

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