From Louinel Jean:

The “Maximizer Camp” was established in Trenton in the fall of 2015 by singer/ songwriter Louinel Jean, a graduate student of The College of New Jersey in collaboration with Electrical Engineering student Christopher Hingston Tenev. After a recording session on campus the two started jamming at Tenev’s home studio which culminated in the recording of songs like Driftwood and Maximize to be released summer 2016. . Louinel is no stranger to the music world.  He has toured the Caribbean and sections of Europe and North America during his experience in Jamaica working at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studio.

Subsequently, the band began to take shape after the first staging of the “Maximize show” in Ewing.   It was an unplugged acoustic show introduced by Jean and Tenev in an attempt to share their work with a selected audience. Since then, there has been tremendous and constant request for the show to be staged more frequently.

In the first event, there were only 35 people in a living room. Due to demands, they decided to stage the second Maximize show in a larger venue.   They drew an audience of 100 people in spite of an extreme weather condition that threatened to cancel the event. The participants sent feedback of their admiration for the quality and inspiration of their music, the fact that they engage them through the promotion of cognitive diversity and ethnic collaborations. Right now there is significant demand for the next staging of “MAXIMIZE!”

Currently “The Maximizer Camp” is a five member band with Arold Augustin on drums (USA), Christopher Hingston Tenev on bass from (USA) with Scandinavian ancestry, Louinel Jean, lead singer and guitarist from Haiti, strong Jamaican background, Daniel Louis-Jean, guitarist and resident of Trenton from Haiti. Jonel Lince, keyboardist. But it remains certain that for any major appearance, the band will seek to attract and draw on stage some of the industry’s best players available in Trenton and surrounding communities particularly on saxophone.

The Maximizer Camp was granted permission to establish its rehearsal studio at the basement of a Law Firm near the Trenton train station. “We are a Trenton band and some of our newest compositions were crafted in Trenton and we greatly value the diversity and camaraderie we enjoy as a team” Louinel said.  Due to Louinel’s activities in music circles and sporadic appearances on stage, people in the community have started to request information about the kind of music the MC will embrace as well as plans for the near future.

The leaders have made it clear that the band will explore several genres of music but will always thrive to maintain a Caribbean, Reggae and Latin flavor. The Maximizer camp has already started to rehearse at its studio basement in Trenton. So far everything is in place for the band to start making appearances in Trenton and other communities in New Jersey.

The leaders are working to establish a management and promotion package to make the activities of the group more dynamic and consistent to inspire, entertain and uplift people in Trenton and all communities that will be privileged to drink from its unique fountain of musical art.