Trenton Makes Music IV: Where do we go from here?

On November 18, 2016, a panel of policymakers and economic development experts joined Trenton Makes Music co-producer Sarah Dash and moderator Kim Pearson to talk about how Trenton’s music history might be leveraged to effect the city’s economic revival. Francis Blanco, chief of staff for the Trenton Mayor’s office, spoke about Mayor Eric Jackson’s vision […]

An Evening at the Candlelight

Uncovering the last remaining jazz and blues club in the city, An Evening at the Candlelight  delves into the past, present and future that is the Candlelight Lounge, located at 24 Passaic St, Trenton.  Input from E.C. Bradley, the current owner of The Candlelight, shines light on the transformation that this venue has undergone and the positive […]

The Last Trenton Jazz Club-The Candlelight Lounge

Notable for their music scenes, New York City and Philadelphia contain a plethora of venues for musicians and audiences alike to frequent.  Music venues devoted solely to that of jazz and blues are likewise apparent, allowing this music genre to flourish within these urban areas. In Philadelphia alone jazz clubs are plentiful, including venues like the Clef […]

Trenton Punk Flea Market

By Gabriella Oakley, Kim Ilkowski, and Gabe Salazar  About the event: The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market opens its doors three times a year to welcome  hundreds of people. The  two-day event is held in the historic Roebling Machine Shop in Trenton, New Jersey and is growing. The photos above were from  the April 2016 […]

A Brief History of: Iconic Moments and Artists In Hip-Hop

From the streets of the South Bronx to the skylines of L.A. hip-hop music has made an impact on American pop-culture craving out its own place in  history. With hip-hop being one of the most popular of the modern day it, most forget where it came from and its interesting past. Hip-hop culture has grown […]