From the artist’s website:

Ja-Tun is a singer – songwriter who puts a new-school spin on some old-fashioned musical virtues. Like musicianship. Like respect for the songwriter’s craft. Like never forgetting that it’s all about the audience.

A New Jersey native, Ja-Tun discovered her passion for music early.She’s fond of recalling that her parents played Mozart, Benny Goodman, R&B,  and spirituals for her while she was still in the womb.  Violin lessons started at four, followed later by lessons in clarinet, voice and piano. In addition to singing and playing with school ensembles, she sang with the Westminster Children’s Chorus, performing the “Carmina Burana” at Princeton University’s Alexander Hall when she was 11 years old. Three years earlier, she made her theater debut as
part of the cast of the Passage Theater production of the Motherline. At Smith College, where she earned a degree in Afro American Studies and minored in Psychology, she sang with the College Chorus and did her own “fly girl” turn as a founding member of Sabor Caliente, a hip-hop dance troupe that was a popular half-time feature at local basketball games.